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Getting to know our staff members and asking them what it is they do at LHC hereby the first interview with one of our staff members.

Please meet Mr Karamo Manjang. One of our Midwifes.

Karamo is responsible for our antenatal program on Thursday morning and he is working nights shifts week on week off.

Dear Karamo, You are a midwife at LHC, How did you become a midwife and for how many years do you deliver new baby’s?

I complete general nursing course in the year 2005 and been in the field working in both the hospitals and the health centre across the country up to the year 2010. I decided then to go for midwifery program and I successfully completed that in the year 2011 respectively

Since from the year 2011 up to date am practicing as a trained NURSE midwife.


What do you like about working in LHC?

Am comfortable working at Lamin health centre. The environment is ok for me and the management too, are encouraging more, specifically me, and I am hoping for more as time goes on


Do you have children of your own?

I have four children two boys and two girls thanks God.

(Karamo told me once he did all the delivery of his own children.)


What do you feel is the most important thing for a pregnant woman?

Early antenatal clinic attending is very important.  Booking early laboratory investigations and treatment for any abnormalities seen and prevention.  Follow up on the clinic schedule of appointment that are given. Take and complete any medications given. The health advices are very important. Deliver at health facility by a trained nurse midwife or the doctor.


Why should pregnant woman come to LHC?

In addition all pregnant women should be seen by trained nurse midwife or a doctor because pregnancy is far more than just giving medication. The skill in managing pregnancies is very unique. You need to know how to make them comfortable, too make them trust you and help them to decide adjust their knowledge on their present condition.


Thank you so much Karamo!


The antenatal program is run by Karamo as Midwife together with Ebrima as senior nurse and Mansata as nurse attendant. The three of them make a nice team. Because of the routine every Thursday they know the woman that attend our program. In case of questions our medical doctors are standby for extra checkup, additional lab tests and scanning.



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